Who are we?

TataTestPrep.com is a product of Tata ClassEdge – an EdTech organization, with more than 25 years of international experience in the space of e-learning. The organization, which entered the field of school education in 2011, has made impactful innovations in pedagogy, technology and content aimed at enhancing teaching-learning experiences in Indian schools. More than 1,700 schools and 1,20,000 teachers across India have already adopted the Tata ClassEdge way of teaching.

Why tatatestprep.com?

TataTestPrep.com was launched in October 2018 with the sole purpose of helping students prepare better for competitive entrance examinations and school level competitions. Our goal is to increase students’ readiness for competitive exams thereby enhancing their chances of success.

TataTestPrep.com offers students

  • Multiple opportunities to practice and test themselves
  • Practice tests that closely resemble real tests
  • A platform that simplifies the preparation experience
  • Instant feedback and remediation
  • Detailed insight on their strengths and shortcomings
  • An environment that prepares them mentally for the real exam