Architecture (NATA)

Architecture Engineering Entrance Sample Papers Includes NATA Sample Papers, Spatial Skills, Visual Apprehension, Visual Reasoning Test and Reasoning Tests Top Rated Tests


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NATA 2021 Mock - 1

125 Ques | 180 Min

Course Description

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) measures the aptitude of the applicant related to Architecture, including Diagrammatic Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Situational Judgement, Verbal Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning. NATA assesses candidates on basic concepts in elements and principles of design, aesthetic sensitivity, colour theory, lateral thinking and logical reasoning, visual perception and cognition, graphics and imagery, building anatomy and architectural vocabulary, basic techniques of building construction and knowledge of material, general knowledge and current affairs, etc. We provide NATA Mocks and topic-wise tests for Part B, i.e. General Aptitude and PCM.

Course Outline

• These topic-wise tests for all the topics of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, General Aptitude and Design and Architectural Awareness will help you to improve faster.

• With these mock tests, you will be able to understand the pattern of exam.