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Age 18+ (Personality Test)

42 Ques | 30 Min

Course Description

"Recruiters, Placement Agencies, and even Institutes of Higher Education, are increasingly realizing the limitations of skill tests in judging the suitability of prospects for all round performance and sensitivity. They are increasingly employing Psychometric Testing to objectively establish suitability of candidates. Relevance of Psychometric Testing becomes more pertinent in recruitment to sensitive organizations like the Armed Forces. But sensitivity runs not only in national security, but also in commercial and infrastructural ventures like the Banks, Insurance and Railways, and hence such organizations are also increasingly adopting Psychometric Testing in recruitment. Psychometric Tests are useful even to prospective students and employees, in assessing their own orientation, inclination, strengths and weaknesses. We offer psychology/personality trait testing along with recruitment tests and aptitude tests in specific skill areas."

Course Outline

• With these sectional tests, you will be able to practise the following topics:

  • -Reading
  • -Recruitment Tests
  • -Verbal Aptitude
  • -Mental Ability
  • -Arithmentic Aptitude
  • -Scientific Aptitude